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Become A Player

Prospective Players and Agents:

Thank you for your interest in the Midwest Professional Basketball Association.  
Please read this page carefully before proceeding to the player application.

From time to time, we will hold open tryouts and camps/clinics for players, both at the league level and for individual teams. 

We would ask that if you are interested in playing in the MPBA, or if you have a client or clients that you believe might be a good fit in the MPBA, that you fill out the registration/application form below.

Please pay special attention to listing your basketball experience and links to any videos you might have.

Your information will be put into our database, and from there, 
·         Your information will be made available to all MPBA coaches and general managers, as well as the MPBA Director of Player Personnel for review and evaluation

·         You will receive notification of any upcoming team or league open tryouts, camps or clinics.  

·         You may be invited, based on your resume, to league or individual team invitation-only tryouts 

·         You may be contacted by an MPBA coach or GM, or the Director of Basketball Personnel for an invitation to a training camp or individual workout.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Please do not submit multiple applications or reply to the email.  Also, please do not email the MPBA asking if your application has been received or reviewed.

If you understand and agree to the terms of applying to play in the MPBA, click here to apply.