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Become An Owner

The mission of the MPBA is to attract the top minor league basketball players, coaches, owners and staff members from across the United States, and to provide that talent with the opportunity to develop their skills in a professional environment; the MPBA will also provide its fans and supporters with a fun, value-based entertainment experience, as well as incorporating community outreach programs into its members’ operations.


The league shall be committed to:

  • Above all, a professional experience for players and fans.
  • A logical geographic footprint to ensure responsible travel budgets for member teams.
  • Quality facilities to ensure the professional experience.
  • Team and league outreach programs to engage community and sponsors on a year-round basis.
  • Finding ownership committed to the model of providing a professional experience in a quality facility, as well as offering year-round community outreach.
  • Developing and maintaining overseas connections for players and coaches.
  • Adherence to the policies set forth in the league manual.
  • Responsible expansion.
  • Providing career development for players, coaches and staff.


The MPBA will expect its teams to adhere to certain standards:

  • Teams will play in a venue and put in place game operations that ensure the professional experience for players, fans and sponsors.
  • Venues will conform to the standards set forth in the MPBA manual, namely, with regard to floor dimensions and markings.
  • Teams will have the ability to play ten home games and ten away games, plus 4-6 playoff games following the regular season.
  • Teams will market and promote themselves in their communities on a year-round basis.
  • Teams will commit to and be active participants in community outreach programs.
  • Teams will, at all times, project a professional image in their communities, in the media, and online.
  • Teams will pay their players and their coaches in line with other member teams of the MPBA.


If the vision and mission of the Midwest Professional Basketball Association sounds like it may be of interest to you, we invite you to submit a letter of proposal for consideration to become a member of the MPBA.  Your letter should express how your organization would fit the MPBA’s vision and mission, how your ownership group would be structured, the city in which your club would be located, any venues in which you might consider playing, and any questions you might have.  This letter should be submitted electronically to MPBA Vice President Craig Fata at